ValleyDAO is a global organization comprising academics, bioentrepreneurs, business developers, open-source bioengineers, and bio-enthusiasts working together with researchers to evaluate, fund, and commercialize synthetic biology research.

Our vision is to accelerate the development and adoption of climate-oriented synthetic biology research by utilizing collective intelligence - or in other words - by harnessing the expertise and network of our community members. One of the primary reasons of creating ValleyDAO’s community is to support the research projects that apply for funding. The skilled community members are paired with individual projects depending on the members’ expertise and the needs of the projects. For instance, a business developer may be paired with a research project in need of commercialization assessment and market research. Applying researchers can also get connected with industry professionals directly and collaborate with other researchers in the community.

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Funding SynBio Research: Seeding Translatable Research

To drive our mission forward, we’re actively pursuing research collaborations with researchers at academic and non-academic institutions. Our goal is to fund the scientific development of solutions for specific problems (‘verticals’) and enable (‘horizontal’) technologies in climate and food synthetic biology.

Verticals (Solution Specific)

  1. Food & Nutrient Production
  2. Biofuels & Renewable Energy
  3. Industrial Biotechnology/Chemical Production
  4. Personal Care & Cosmetics
  5. Nutraceuticals
  6. Bioremediation & Waste Management
  7. Forestry, Wood & Biomass
  8. Plant Biotechnology
  9. Mining and Bleaching
  10. Bioplastics and Biomaterials
  11. Aquaculture
  12. Ocean & Water Biotechnology
  13. Carbon Capture & Storage
  14. Space Biotechnology

Horizontal (Enabling Technologies)

  1. Biosensors
  2. Cell-free Biology
  3. Non-model Organisms
  4. Waste Valorisation & Feedstocks
  5. Genetic Engineering Tools & Techniques
  6. Bioinformatics, Computational Biology & AI/ML.
  7. Bioprocessing & Bioreactor Design
  8. Genetic Sequencing & Synthesis
  9. Hardware & Automation

Incubating SynBio Research: Bridging the Gap from Academia to Industry

ValleyDAO plays a pivotal role in incubating synthetic biology research by assisting academic researchers in navigating the complex transition from academia to industry. By fostering an ecosystem that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing, we help researchers with promising results or intellectual property (IP) translate their research IP or patent into viable real-world solutions.

If you are interested, apply for funding or translational support here. For more information, contact


What Does the Funding Cover?

What Should the IP Status Be for Research Funding?

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